Strategic Planning

VA FAIRS can help you define your business's strategy, determine direction, and guide decision making through strategic planning. Strategic planning can guide your business to success by helping determine realistic future goals and the steps to achieve those goals.

This process typically has three key steps as part of the procedure: An initial survey followed by a strategic planning workshop; and finished by presentation of the recommendations to the board or decision makers for the group.

FAIRS Strategic planning questions often focus on three areas: the quality of current services, core competencies, and how to implement expansion plans. The strategic planning events are formatted around a simple method, called the DECIDE model.

DEFINE the problem to be resolved

EXPLORE the alternative factors

COLLECT the relevant information

IDENTIFY the chosen solution

DO the plan

EVALUATE the results


Another popular tool is the SWOT analysis, enabling members of the group to self-evaluate the organization. The result of the analysis should better prepare the group for the future.