Donate to the Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation, and Rural Sustainability

VA FAIRS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit assisting farmers in exploring value added options for selling their crops. We provide technical assistance such as strategic planning, feasibility studies, and business plans. This helps Virginia producers make informed decisions about their businesses.

When you donate, you help local farmers.

When you give to VA FAIRS, you help farmers produce more local food and keep their families on the farm- whether they're adding a creamery, selling more fresh food at farmers markets, or producing more Bay oysters. You also connect farmers directly to customers 24/7 through our online marketplace, Lulus Local Food.

We are helping strengthen Virginia agriculture one acre at a time. Want to join us?

Donate today and make a lasting impact for Virginia farmers.

To donate, write a check to VA FAIRS, specify "donation" and mail to:


P.O. Box 27552
Richmond, VA 23261

Online donations coming soon!