About Us

Virginia Christmas Tree Farm

The Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural Sustainability is a 501(c)(3) foundation organized in Virginia. We are a Cooperative Development Center offering technical assistance to those transitioning into, or involved in, value added agriculture. These services are offered through assistance from and cooperation of our partners. Meet our staff and board of directors.

Our Mission

The Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural Sustainability will assist rural Virginians in developing and advancing their agricultural, economic and social interests to enhance their quality of life.

Our Goals

1. Transition from traditional production and marketing into more financially rewarding agricultural enterprises;

2. Develop value-added and high value agricultural product and enhanced market opportunities;

3. Address challenges facing farmer’s production and marketing resources;

4. Address issues affecting the sustainability of rural Virginia;

5. Establish a centralized resource for farmers to easily access cooperative development and value-added information; and,

6. Better utilize and coordinate the wide-ranging expertise available in Virginia and as such better facilitate and enhance current and future efforts and programs in these areas.