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The Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural sustainability (VA FAIRS) is a not for profit foundation based in Richmond, Virginia, with the mission of assisting rural agricultural enterprises. We have a passion for working with others to advance the development of cooperatives and rural agricultural businesses within the region.

Founded in 2005 we have assisted hundreds of people with strengthening their business ideas. Our enthusiasm for local foods and locally sustainable agriculture allows us to provide businesses with strategic planning, achieve financing through grants and program loans, and help turn business ideas into reality.


Our staff embodies VAFAIRS core values as they work side by side with business owners to answer questions and provide hands-on assistance during their business’ planning, establishment, and growth phases. We believe in the independent producer, and in their ability to transform a community and provide opportunities for development and growth.

T he dramatic rise of consumer interest in local foods has provided yet another opportunity for local producers to increase their revenue and sustainability. Since our inception, VA FAIRS has focused on assisting producers with direct marketing efforts in Virginia. Take a look at our site, and feel free to CONTACT US in order to enquire further about how VA FAIRS can work with you to enable your success.

Dairy Processing

Mt. Crawford Creamery
Dairy Processing Facility
Mt. Crawford, VA

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Virtual Business Center
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